Rules for submitting reports to be considered in the Siebels Asset Management Research Contests.

  • Analysts can only submit one report per competition. Analysts are encouraged to submit reports on more than one competition.

  • A report must not contain or be based on any material nonpublic information about the company for which the analyst is submitting the report. Insider information is defined by the AIMR (see their website: and will not be tolerated and may face legal ramifications.

  • The analyst must not have provided anything of value (including, but not limited to, monetary payments, promises of business or promises of shares of the proceeds of this contest) to obtain information used in a report.

  • If an analyst plagiarizes, violates any copyright laws or any laws in the contest company‚Äôs country, the analyst will be banned from submitting in any other contest and may face legal ramifications.

  • Analysts can only submit reports on companies in their registered country.

  • Reports are to contain qualitative analysis only. SAMR is not interested in next year's earnings, this year's earnings or cash flow etc. SAMR has already completed quantitative analysis on the companies.

  • The analyst will not know whether the company is a buy or a sell. DO NOT make such a recommendation, you will lose points.

  • Every report deemed to be complete by SAMR will be rewarded by monetary and point compensation. Notification of completeness will be emailed to analysts within 6-8 weeks of the completion deadline listed in the contest particulars. If a report is deemed to be incomplete - notification will also be received detailing why the report was incomplete and if a report is close to passing you will have the opportunity to resubmit.

  • Complete reports will also be assigned points which contribute towards their Kittens, Cubs, Tigers rankings. These rankings determine compensation levels which are detailed in the 'job' descriptions.

  • SAMR will retain all exclusive rights to the analysis once it is submitted.

  • An analyst cannot be a current employee, contractor or affiliate of the company for which the analyst is submitting a report.

  • A report must not be based on or contain any information obtained in violation of any duty to the source