Get paid US$ for every complete analysis you submit.

We compensate our analysts according to an incentive system: the best reports make the most money. We also offer constructive feedback to ensure that you improve your research analysis skills with every report you submit.

Compensation is based on a two-tiered structure:

  • First, we calculate personal income levels in each country based on gross national income (GNI) per capita.
  • Second, we assign a status to each candidate according to our KITTENS, CUBS, TIGERS rankings system.

Rankings system:
KITTENS, CUBS, TIGERS rankings are decided by your points. A Kitten receives the base compensation for the competition. A Cub receives twice what a Kitten receives and a Tiger receives twice what a cub receives.

  • KITTENS- An analyst becomes a Kitten once he/she completes a report
  • CUBS- An analyst becomes a Cub once he/she earns 50 points. SAMR will provide references for employers upon request
  • TIGERS- Once an analyst earns 150 points he/she becomes a Tiger - significantly increasing the money earned with each report. SAMR will provide references for employers upon request


Report grading is based on a points system and is the sum of the COMPLETE report scores.

  • Reports are graded on a scale of 1 – 10
  • Reports that score less than 5 are graded INCOMPLETE and do not receive points or compensation. An INCOMPLETE report can be re-submitted after we provide detailed feedback
  • Reports are graded according to four criteria: Originality (50%), Content (20%), Accuracy (20%) and Grammar (10%)
  • Analysts who produce regular, high quality work and who learn and improve as shown in their higher scores will be compensated and supported


We ONLY award prizes when a report is of outstanding quality. We consider this to be a score of 9.0 or above.


Generally, an 8 week deadline is applied to each competition. However, deadlines can either be extended or shortened for any reason. Competitions with short deadlines will receive higher base compensation which will be shown in the Current Jobs tab. We endeavor to pay analysts 8 weeks after the initial deadline ends.